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Garage Door Safety and Maintenance

Garage Door Safety First

How often you'll need to inspect and lubricate your garage door will depend on your environment, the operation of the door, and the type of lubricant you use. Most of the doors that City Garage Door replaces are due to poor maintenance. If you’re unsure, we can help. 

We advise you to sign up for a maintenance program which includes at least two visits per year. If you have a wooden door or a very large and heavy door you will need four to twelve visits per year depending on your system. Check out our repairs and maintenance page!
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Our Garage Door Safety Tips

  • Don't let children operate or play with overhead doors.
  • Don't walk, run, or drive under a moving door.
  • Don't use a door that is making unusual noises or is not functioning properly.
  • Don't pull the emergency release handle without first checking to see that the springs and lift cables are under tension and in good working condition unless there's someone who has been pinned under the door. 
If the door is in the full-down position and both cables are under tension, you can use the emergency release. 

If the door is not in the full-down position, check the cables and springs before, and make sure nothing is in the path of the door. Then you can use the emergency release. If the cables or springs don’t look normal, please call a professional.
  • Inform the household not to use the door and call a professional if you face problems with the door, or if the door is making excessive noises.
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