Garage Door Openers

A Variety of Durable Door Openers 
and Door Accessories

Chain Drive Openers

  • They are durable, but not always the quietest openers.
  • Basic functionality.
  • Chain drive openers work well in Las Vegas because the air is dry and prevents rusting. This makes it less noisy.
Garage door opener

Screw Drive Openers

  • Quieter than chain drive openers, but as they wear, they become nosier than chain drive.
  • Requires a lot of maintenance and if not done properly, it can damage the unit.
  • Not recommended for most.
  • A one-piece door works best with this type of door as long as it's a professional quality one-piece rail.
Garage door opener

Belt Drive Openers 

  • Smoothest and quietest operating openers
  • Durable
  • More popular
  • Belts are reinforced with steel or Kevlar and can handle pressure
  • Not recommended with a one-piece door
  • Install a belt drive garage door opener on an insulated garage door with quality rollers for the quietest garage door system.
Garage door opener

Direct Drive Openers

  • Designed to operate the door from the torsion tube on the spring system instead of pushing and pulling on the door itself.
  • Nice clean look.
  • No motor mounted to the ceiling which means there'll be no vibration or noise transferred to the room above.

Garage Door Accessories

All openers for residential use have a type of wall control, a remote, and a safety beam or photo cell. Other accessories include:

Keyless Entry
Opens using a pin number or fingerprint.

Garage Door Monitor
Lets you know if your door is open or closed from inside your house.

Closes the door automatically with timer as well as operate lights from your home and control the door offsite using the internet or smartphone with app. (Other accessories may be necessary.)

Internet Gateway
Control your door using the internet or smartphone.
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