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A garage door is virtually useless without properly working garage door openers. With over 29 years of experience providing both automatic garage door opener and installation services, we’ve got you covered!

Allow our experts to breathe new life into your old or faulty garage door openers! Whether you need a brand new garage door opener installation or replace them, we’ve got you covered. If you’re near Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding areas, you can rely on our services at all times!

When Should You Get a Garage Door Opener Repair or Replacement?

  • Overhead garage door not opening nor closing
  • Stalled or delayed garage door actions
  • Garage door is not closing completely
  • Off-track garage door opener
  • Damaged garage door panels
  • Reversing garage door when closing
  • Intermittent and random functioning
  • Stuck garage door
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Our seasoned and skilled experts can repair, replace, or install any type of garage door opener, from traditional openers to more advanced smart garage door openers. We recommend getting the smart openers since they come with cameras that allow you to see if anyone is coming in and out your garage door! If you’re in Las Vegas, NV, or the surrounding area, call us today to set up an appointment and get a free consultation. On top of that, we’ll provide you with a lifetime warranty!

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